Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sprint Review & Retrospect Meeting

ahh... the good ol meetings... i used to think meetings kinda wanna make you feign sick and take leave... (then go and watch a movie... but that's a different story...)

We just did the Sprint Review and Retrospect meetings for one of our projects. took us about less than 2 hours... we're a pretty small team...

One thing we noticed was that when you keep improving on what you did on the last sprint, you get more - even tho it might be just abit - excited to go work on the next sprint. we realized that its because, doing the same thing for people who don't leave their brains at home when they go to work is just plain boring and disengaging.

improvements bring fresh air... we've got 6 things to improve on the next sprint... and we've still got a long way to go... hang on!

prototype and scriptaculous is gonna have to wait a bit... we're gonna need to tackle the really meaty stuff first... Basic Ruby for the team! oh god...

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