Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ruby Syntax Cheatsheet

For all us Ruby on Rails newbies, it's really important to know Ruby, the language, before jumping into Rails. Learning Rails without knowing Ruby is like doing bike stunts without learning how to ride. Major pain bro...

Save yourselves from major cranial meltdown by learning Ruby syntax first. It shouldn't be too hard if you already know other programming languages. To help us with learning it, we created our own Ruby Syntax Cheatsheet

This is part 1 of the Ruby Syntax Cheatsheet we made to help us code in Ruby. It's based on the Ruby for Rails book by David Black. Highly recommended reading for all of us who aspire to become 'Jedi' Railers.... (hey, you can't make Jedi if you don't know the Force!). Click here to download the file


Ainul Azlinda A.B said...

Hi, saje nak tanye, ko ex dagang net ke? Ape citer skrg nih? Maaf kalo salah org.

Alessandro said...

I don't like Scribd. Can't you simply publish a pdf version?