Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rails training, anyone?

I got a little lazy (well, a lot really... ) so i decided that i didn't want to study Rails by reading, but by watching a video with a popcorn in hand (really hard to get good popcorn these days)

searching through the web for video tutorials, I came across this set of videos from guys at UC Berkeley RAD Lab... Never been to UCB, but I hear its a beaut... my kudos to the guys at UCB RAD...

the video filesizes are large... I nodded off waiting for it to stream... so you might wanna have a firefox extension do the downloading for you before you view them... here's one. If you're using IE... again, seriously?

anywho, check it out! i think it's RAD! haha! (although i haven't even gotten to the end of one yet, so no guarantees)

we'll post some video tutorials up in the future - when we actually have time to kill... but we will... promise...

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