Friday, July 25, 2008

Barcamp: Yahoo's Search Monkey App

if you've never been to yahoo's developer network, then it's my turn to say: where you been ma?

Today yahoo presented one of their cooler apps: the yahoo search monkey.

Search Monkey lets you define more information for your search results when searched in yahoo. In other words, customize your search results!

On the side of the coin, if you're a website owner, you can build apps that expose data from your site that other users can use to customize their search results... Case in point was linked in profile data for users to use to present their search results

Unfortunately, you need to know html (duh..) and php. Well i'm out! Still cool anyways. Check out Search Monkey here.

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Evan Goer said...

Hi Asyraf,

Yup it is PHP... but don't let that stop you! Most SearchMonkey presentation apps consist of just simple assignments, with more "advanced" apps having a few string manipulations and if/thens thrown in. It's not hardcore at all.

The tricky part is actually the data layer -- the website either needs to expose that data using RDF or microformats, or you need to write a SearchMonkey custom data service to extract it. But assuming you've found some sites that have interesting data to work with, you can knock out a basic SearchMonkey presentation app in not too long at all. :)

Evan Goer
Yahoo! SearchMonkey Team