Saturday, July 26, 2008

Barcamp: Danger Will Robinson, Someone's Hacking your Wireless!

One of the more 'risque' topics in barcamp today: wireless hacking. It was way too tempting to resist: they had a barainstorming session on web marketing that i wanted to attend... Nah... It was too good to resist.

10db antenna gives you 1km radius
Atheros chipset wireless card the best for hacking wireless... Look for higher MW. Mormal is 100, best is 300MW
Software: no support in windows, many in linux
How: detect wireless (war driving), war chalking - marking wireless zones
Wirelss can be detected using: beacon sniffers use - airopeek etc.
Passive sniffers use kismet
Netstumbler lets you map gps coords of access points
Kismet: detects hidden ssid And mac ids - also checkout gkismet 4 mobile: mognet, ministumbler macs: mac stumbler ap scanner

Openwrt with a linksys router that has 32mb ram. Wl ap 0 wl monitor passive promisc 1. Run kismet.

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